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8:30AM – 9:30AM – VEC LICENSE TESTING9AM – 9:30 Grounding & Bonding – Ward Silver N0AX9AM – 9:30 Node Red 101- Getting started – Ken Norris KK9N9AM – POTA – Steve Hughes KF0FDV
10AM – 10:30 ARRL Forrum – Dave Propper K2DP10AM – Missouri District C ARES – William (Bill) Grimsbo NØPNP10AM – 10:30 Digital Modes – George Schindler WB0IIS10AM – 10:30 Battery Types, Care and Application – Joe Fleagle W0FY
11AM – 11:30 Wi-Fi Application in the Ham Shack – Barry Buelo W01Y11AM – 11:30 AREDN – Mark Hall AE0ME11AM – 11:30 CERT – Zack Bush KF0FXJ11AM – Introduction to Test Equipment – George Waddell W0GRW
12PM – 12:30 12PM – ARRL Emergency Management – Josh Johnston – KE5MVH12PM – 12:30 The Salvation Army role in EmComm – Marty Rueter KE0QWG12PM – 12:30 4SQRP (Four States QRP Group) David Cripe NM0S

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Forum Speakers & Topics

Barry Buelo W01Y – Wi-FI Applications in the Ham Shack

I’m retired from Collins Radio (now Collins Aerospace). For 30  years I worked in avionics on many different cockpit display systems and also on autopilots. Much of my career was a higher level system design and analysis.

Originally licensed since 1967 as WNØRJT, later WAØRJT, KH6HOY and now as WØIY. I’m occasionally active in contests but spend a lot of time on designing small useful tools for ham radio. As part of that effort, I’ve become a strong advocate for KiCad.

Zack Bush – KF0FXJ – CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)

  • CERT: What is it and how does Amateur Radio fit in?
  • Community Impact, Community Service, Being prepared!
  • Amateur Radio / ARES: A critical part of CERT; ARES interoperability, ARES extension

Zack Bush works in telecommunications, specializing in advanced provisioning and troubleshooting large-scale video deployments. Zack is a member of the St. Louis and Suburban Radio Club (W0SRC), The Emergency Communications Association of St. Charles County (W0ECA), and the Air Force Military Auxiliary Radio System (AF-MARS). He is also one of the Assistant Emergency Coordinators for St. Charles County ARES. Zack is a member of O’Fallon CERT and is also a CERT Trainer; He was licensed in 2021 as KF0FXJ.

David Cripe NMØS – 4SQRP (Four States QRP Group)

  • Overview of the Four State QRP Group history and current activities
  • QRP as a means of bringing new hams into the hobby
  • Technical review of selected 4SQRP kits

I’m an Electrical Engineer for Collins by day, and in my free time, I’m President of the QRP Amateur Radio Club International, and lead kit designer for the Four State QRP Group.  I also design and sell kits through my own basement enterprise, NM0S Electronics.

Originally licensed in 1981 as KA9MCV, later KC3ZQ, AI9E and NE4AM, I’m proud of my Zero-District call NM0S.  Most nights you’ll catch me in my basement office workshop inventing or designing something new in the world of QRP!  

Joe Fleagle WØFY – Battery Types, Care, and Applications

Retired electrical engineer – worked on the development of a wide variety of electronic projects both civilian and military in my career. IFF equipment for aircraft, antilock brakes for trucks, electronic warfare receivers, radar transmitters, an automatic vehicle location system, finishing with automatic test equipment for military hardware.  After retirement had a part-time job dealing with Zigbee and wi-fi RF hardware and setting up RF networks for utility meter reading.

First licensed in 1961, and continuous since then.  I still like to homebrew hardware and repair older radio gear and tinker with antennas.  Enjoy VHF operation – especially 6 meters. Portable operation is fun too.

William (Bill) Grimsbo NØPNP – Missouri District C ARES

Bil is the Missouri Section District C Emergency Coordinator and the Emergency Coordinator for St. Charles County.  He has been a volunteer for St. Charles County Regional Emergency Management since 1992.  He retired from the Boeing Company in 2019 where he was a Technical Lead Engineer for Display Subsystem development and also worked with Electronic Warfare and Communications/Navigation and Identification systems including antenna subsystem development.

Bill has been involved in emergency communications for over 20 years.  He has taken the FEMA PDS series and is an EMCOMM instructor through the ARRL.  He is also a CERT trainer.

Mark Hall AEØME – AREDN (Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network)

* What sorts of things can you use AREDN for? Why not use the public internet?
* How to configure AREDN RF links, VPN tunnels, servers, and reserve hostnames
* What benefits and constraints does AREDN have due to its use of Amateur Radio?
* If network connectivity is working, we will explore the mesh a bit.

Mark’s day job for the last 20 years is in Information Technology where he supports developer applications and the servers they run on. Prior roles include Linux Packaging, systems monitoring, and IP firewall and network administration. He plays music, operates lighting, sound and video systems, writes software, as well as holding an Amateur Extra class license since Nov 2017 (ADØZQ) and becoming AEØME in 2019.

Mark has been active in SLSRC, serving as the Field Day committee chair for the last few years and also working with the group trying to build out AREDN (Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network) in the St. Louis Area.  If you’re thinking about attending this seminar and are not familiar with AREDN, it might be a good idea to view the presentations on AREDN at SLSRC before coming. Mark’s presentation AREDN May 2022:, and Kyle Krieg (AAØZ): This will give you a better background if you’re not familiar with it.  You can also look at to learn a bit about it. Join in local conversations about AREDN at

Steven Hughes – KF0FDV – POTA

•Brief history
•How it works
•What you need to get started

A transplant from Colorado, Steven was first licensed in April 2021 through SLSRC and upgraded to General in November 2021, also through the club’s license class. Since then, Steven has dove into the world of antennas, budget communications, POTA, mobile setups, and CW, just to name a few. He currently works making granite countertops and you can catch him diving into Meshtastic

Josh Johnston KE5MHV – Emergency Management and ARES

Josh is the ARRL Director of Emergency Management, an Extra class Amateur Radio operator as well as being an ARES® Emergency Coordinator, Volunteer Examiner, and ARRL-registered Instructor. He is certified in FEMA NIMS as well as a CISA AUXCOMM Communications Unit Leader (COML). He holds a Bachelor of Science in Emergency Administration and Management from Arkansas Tech University.
In addition to his 16 years of experience as the Director of the Johnson County Arkansas Department of Emergency Management, he has extensive experience in communications planning and execution in the field and in inter-agency cooperation and planning at the local and state levels. He is well versed in the different aspects of emergency management and leading both professional and volunteer operators.
He is an Arkansas Master Certified Emergency Manager and past Board Member of Arkansas Emergency Management Association, where he served as president for 2 years.

Ken Norris KK9N – Node Red 101 – Getting Started

•Capabilities of Node-Red in the Ham Shack
•Installing Node-Red
•Exploring the Node-Red Development Environment
•My first Flow
•Running your Node-Red Project
•Troubleshooting your Project

First licensed as a Novice at the age of 15 in 1977, amateur radio started me down the path of an exciting hobby and career. After finishing degrees in Electronics and Communication I worked for myself and other Consumer Electronic companies. During the installation of a home sound system, I met the owner of a local company that manufactured stations/control systems for the water distribution industry. After 10 years of supervising installation, designing, programming, and specification of Telemetry/SCADA systems, I changed companies to become a support engineer/consultant for a distributor of industrial components. Today I help customers with designing, implementing, and troubleshooting Telemetry/SCADA communications networks, wireless/copper/fiber optic Industrial Network Infrastructures, mini to PAC controller systems, SCADA to Enterprise Software, and robotic integration.

As an amateur radio operator over the last 45 years, I have experienced almost all aspects of the hobby. From working the early linear satellites, ECOMM support, weather chaser, VHF/UHF weak signal, ATV, and chasing DX to Contesting and DXpeditions.

Dave Propper K2DP – ARRL

• Overview and Introduction to the ARRL organization
• Introduction to your ARRL Midwest Division Leadership Team
• How can the ARRL help you and your amateur radio club
• How can you and your amateur radio club help the ARRL
• Q & A Session
• Award of ARRL Forum Door Prize (s)

Dave has served the ARRL during the past 13 years in two different positions. First appointed as an Assistant Director in 2011 by then Midwest Division Director, Cliff Aherns, K0CA, He was elected to the office of Vice Director, ARRL Midwest Division, in January 2021 and was re-elected for the 3-year term beginning January 2024.

Dave currently serves on the following ARRL Committees:
• ARRL RF Safety Committee
• ARRL Programs and Services Committee
• ARRL Historical Committee

Dave enjoys many facets of our hobby, including DX’ing, 6 meter operations, cw, rag chewing, FT-8 operation, community service/EMCOMS, and the restoration and operation of vintage radios (boatanchors).

Dave spent the majority of his career managing avionics development programs with McDonnell Douglas/The Boeing Company.

Dave is married to his wife Sue of 52 years and together they have 2 adult children and 4 grand children.

Marty Rueter KEØQWG – The Salvation Army and Its Role in Emergency Communications

• The types of roles The Salvation Army’s serve during disasters.
• Emergency Communications provided through SATERN (Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network)
• Types of missions SATERN radio operators may be asked to respond and deploy to.

Martin Rueter began his career with The Salvation Army in 2014 he was selected as the Director of Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) for the Midland Division (serving the State of Missouri and southern Illinois). He oversees the planning for disaster preparedness as well as disaster response and recovery operations across the division’s 105 counties in Missouri and the 50 southern counties in Illinois.  Additionally, in his position he is oversees SATERN  (Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network). Mr. Rueter (KEØQWG) received his FCC amateur radio operator license as a “Technician” in 2018.

George Schindler WBØIIS – D-Star, DMR and Fusion – Similarities, Differences – Which one to choose?

• D-Star, DMR and Fusion, how are they similar?
• How do the three differ?
• How do I decide what is right for me?

I am an ARRL Missouri Section Technical Specialist and the President of the Missouri Digital Group. I led the implementation of the Missouri Digital Group’s D-Star, DMR and Fusion repeater systems. I have given many presentations on D-Star, Fusion and DMR at various club meetings.

I am a retired Electrical Engineer from the utility industry and was involved in the implementation of SCADA, Land Mobile radio, Telephony, Fiber Optic, and mesh radio systems.

I like repairing old “boat anchor” radios, contesting and the HF digital modes.

Ward Silver NØAX- Grounding and Bonding

For the past twenty years Ward has been the Lead Editor of the ARRL Handbook and the ARRL Antenna Book, and a primary author of all three ARRL License Manuals and study guides until his retirement. He wrote the well-received “Grounding and Bonding for the Radio Amateur” (now in its 2nd edition) and “Ham Radio for Dummies”. (now in its 4th edition) An electrical engineer, he designed microprocessor-based products and medical devices for twenty years before beginning a second career as a teacher and writer. Licensed since 1972, he is a co-founder of the World Radiosport Team Championships, was inducted into the CQ Contest Hall of Fame in 2015, and is President of the Yasme Foundation (

George Waddell WØGRW- Test Instruments and Measurement Errors

George has been an Amateur Radio operator since 2013 when he passed the Technician Exam at the 2013 Dayton Hamvention. In 2015 he successfully tested for General and in 2016 for Extra.  His interests include operating, contesting, and electronics repair.

He graduated from the University of Missouri-Rolla (now MST) with a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and has 35 years of experience in writing software for databases, MS Windows, systems for pharmaceutical drug evaluation, embedded systems, and PC to external hardware interfaces.  He has done work for Monsanto, Pfizer, Aventis Pharma, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, Baxter Healthcare, Amtrak, and Sachs Electric.

Currently, George works at Enterprise Mobility as a Senior Software Engineer.  He works in the Rental Billing department and is responsible for systems that send invoices for Germany and the UK, and licensee billing for South America, the Caribbean, and Oceania.

VEC – VEC License Testing. Providing amateur radio testing services to the Saint Louis area since 2002!

Testing Provided at Winterfest 2024. Check the schedule

Additional information and testing dates are available at Website Link: