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Forum Speakers & Topics

Thomas Beebe, W9RY– Getting the Younger Generation into the Amateur Radio Hobby

Ken Norris, KK9N – Improving your station with Computers and Node-red

Licensed since 1977 at the age of 15 in west central Illinois. Has been active in almost all facets of amateur radio over the last 45 years.

Currently an active contester, hunting rare DX, SOTA, IOTA and antenna builder/experimenter. 

With degrees in Electronics and Communications, works as a support engineer/consultant for a multi-manufacture distributor in the field of industrial and utilities control systems. 

Currently lives in the St Louis, MO area.

Barry Buelow, WØIY – KiCad, A Cross Platform and Open Source Electronics Design Automation Suit

Glenn Johnson, WØGJ – Is 3dB Worth a Divorce?

Rob Sherwood, NCØB – His work in testing transmitter/receiver performance of HF rig

Kyle Krieg, AAØZ – 3D Printing for Amateur Radio

Carl Luetzelschwab, K9LA – TBD

Bill Carroll, KC9CIK – Bill has been a ham since 2002. His interests have been to participate in community service events communications and emergency communications. Bill has participated in bike events for Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Cancer, Ronald McDonald House, St Louis Marathon, and the Hospital Amateur Radio Network in the St. Louis area. His interest in EMCOMM has led Bill to obtain multiple FEMA and EMCOMM certifications. Bill 1st learned about what3words addresses a couple of years ago and saw the possible applications in the HAM radio community and has been following its progress.

From the what3words website: “what3words is a global addressing system used in over 170 countries by thousands of businesses as well as governments and NGOs. It is available in over 50 languages and applied across industries from automotive to logistics, travel, emergency services and disaster response.” Let’s discuss how w3w can have a positive effect on amateur radio.

Thomas Laybourn is a retired Army Infantry officer from Fruita, Colorado. He presently teaches STEM at Seckman Middle School in Imperial, MO where his students engage in fun and practical hands-on projects from Radio Direction Range Finding (RDRF), Rocketry, Soldering and even Hydroponics. Mr. Laybourn received many of his project and activity concepts from SLSRC and ARRL including an ARISS contact. He has four children, Alice, Sally, Colby and Audrey. Mr. Laybourn is married to Mrs. Tiffany Laybourn who is also a teacher.

Mark Siegesmund, W9WMR, West Mountain Radio – DC Power Technologies, Distribution, Batteries, and Solar – This presentation covers the special considerations involved with low voltage, high current DC power as used in Amateur Radio. Cable loss and connector suitability are discussed. An overview of the state of battery technology will be presented with a comparison of the technologies as it applies to Amateur Radio. Battery configurations, safety, and the use of solar power are all included in this session.

Joe Eisenberg, K0NEB, Kit Building Techniques for Success, He the Kit Building Editor for CQ Magazine and has been for over 12 years. He is also a contributing author for the ARRL Handbook. Joe will go over tips and hints to help builders from beginner to advanced experience levels. He will also go over parts handling and sorting, proper tools, test equipment and soldering techniques to give a much better chance of success.