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Barry Buelo W01Y – Wi-FI Applications in the Ham Shack

I’m retired from Collins Radio (now Collins Aerospace). For 30  years I worked in avionics on many different cockpit display systems and also on autopilots. Much of my career was a higher level system design and analysis.

Originally licensed since 1967 as WNØRJT, later WAØRJT, KH6HOY and now as WØIY. I’m occasionally active in contests but spend a lot of time on designing small useful tools for ham radio. As part of that effort, I’ve become a strong advocate for KiCad.

David Cripes NM0S – 4SQRP (Four States QRP Group)

Joe Fleagle W0FY – Battery Types, Care, and Applications

Mark Hall AE0ME – AREDN

Josh Johnston KE5MHV – Emergency Management and ARES

Ken Norris KK9N – Node Red 101 – Getting Started

Dave Propper K2DP – ARRL

Marty Rueter KE0QWG – The Salvation Army and Its Role in Emergency Communications

George Schindler WB0IIS – Digital Modes

Ward Silver NA0X- Grounding and Bonding

George Waddell W0GRW- Test Instruments and Measurement Errors

Steven Yancey K9SHY – POTA

Art Zygielbaum K0AIZ – ARRL 

VEC – VEC License Testing