History of W9DYV Symposium

In the immediate years following World War-II, our Nation witnessed an avalanche of new radio communications ideas and concepts born of war’s
necessity. For Ham Radio that meant the introduction and refinement of new communications modes such as Radio Teletype, Facsimile, Slow-Scan Television,
Fast-Scan TV, Moon-Bounce, and a most important one — Single Sideband.

Wes Schum, W9DYV – a young Chicago-bred radio communications expert – saw
immediate potential in amateur SSB and made it his mission to make this important technology affordable while educating Hams on the How’s and Why’s
of Single Sideband. His Company, Central Electronics, fast became a commercial leader in that field where his small team of engineers developed technology that
left others scratching their heads in amazement: The first no-tune/all band amplifier, the 600L; the first all-mode/no-tune 100watt amateur transmitter, the
100V; and a series of low-cost single sideband equipment that encouraged experimentation with the new voice mode.

Fast-forward 70+ years and Single Sideband continues to be a relevant and spectrally efficient voice communications technique. Those early experimenters
called it right.

The W9DYV Radio Symposium, in conjunction with Winterfest 2023, keeps Schum’s innovative spirit alive by educating Today’s Hams on the hobby’s rich
technological history, encouragement of at-home experimentation, and by providing grass roots introductions to latest-generation communications
techniques. No matter your particular Ham Radio Interest, Winterfest’s excellent array of Symposium forums, commercial vendors and bone-yard treats will
relegate Covid to the rear-view mirror, bring smiles to your faces – and more rigs and accessories to the shack!


W9DYV Forum Schedule

Mississippian Room

8:30-9:00amNick Tusa – K5EFVintage Ham Rig Homebrews
9:10-10:00amJames Suprenant – AB1DQCigar Box Radios – Thinking
INSIDE the Box
10:10-11:00amMichael Weilbacher – KBØFXSDR Today
11:00-12:00NoonTom Martin – KØEAOHow to Get Started in 3D
1:00-1:50pmBob Nickels – W9RANWhat SHOULD BE happening in
Ham Radio Today
2:00-3:00pmRob Sherwood NCØBEfficient Ground Systems for
Vertical Antennas
3:40-4:30pmDavid Assaf – W5XUThe Care and Feeding of
Receiver Tubes

Sponsored by Bob Heil, K9EID, and Heil Sound

W9DYV Symposium Forum Presenters

James Surprenant, AB1DQ: ‘Cigar Box Radios – Thinking INSIDE the Box’ James has been building one-of-a-kind receivers, transmitters and other radio gear in empty cigar boxes for many years. He’ll discuss the whys and how of cigar box rig building, plus will showcase examples of his handiwork.  This presentation is intended to inspire the inner creator and maker within each of us.

Michael Weilbacher, KB0FX: ’SDR Today’ Mike has been experimenting with SDR technology for years and has many fresh ideas to get you moving to this exciting digital platform.

Tom Martin, K0EAO: ‘How to Get Started in Three-D Printing’. The cost of 3-D printing has dropped to the point that every Ham can become a player. Tom will not only explain how but will demonstrate the process in real time.

Bob Nickles, W9RAN: ‘What SHOULD BE Happening in Ham Radio Today’ The cost of homebrew SDR rig development is unbelievably low now that inexpensive Raspberry Pi and Arduino processors are readily available for peanuts. Enjoy Bob’s insight into SDR for the Analog Ham.

Rob Sherwood, NC0B: Rob has been providing his spot-on independent assessment of Amateur gear for many years. We are fortunate to have him for two important Symposium presentations: ‘Efficient Ground Systems for Vertical Antennas’ and also  ‘Affordable Test Equipment for the Ham Shack”.

Bob Heil, K9EID: Bob’s QST Pine Board AM rig gets a 807 Final. You’ll learn how to build one for your little rig. Plus, more info on how to make your transmitter and receiver’s audio system stand tall in the DX pileups!

David Assaf, W5XU: Year 1990 spelled the end of receiver tube manufacture in the USA. If you are into restoring vintage radio gear and are concerned about future tube availability, then you need to attend David’s forum: ‘The Care and Feeding of Receiver Tubes’.

Nick Tusa, K5EF: Remember reading old GE Ham News, QST’s and SSB Handbooks and wondering if many of those neat looking rigs were actually built by Hams? Nick presents several excellent examples in his ‘Vintage Ham Rig Homebrews’.

David Beckler, NØSAP – “The Elusive Collins S2 Line”

A very limited number of these S Line radios were made for the US Consulates and Embassies around the world. These radios were never for Commercial or Amateur Radio, even the Collins Collector’s Assn has nothing about these radios, and very limited information will be found on the internet about the S-2 Line. The radios will be available for viewing during and after the presentation.
David Beckler, NØSAP – “The Myths and History of the Eldico S-119 Line including the rare RELiant Line.”

For the first time the real story about Eldico vs Collins radios will be exposed. This myth buster presentation will finally set the record straight of all the stories and rumors over the decades about these two companies. There will be a comparison between the two radios and how they are uniquely different in operation.

Also included is the history of the RELiant Line of radios for Amateurs that followed the Eldico Line. The RELiant radios are so rare there is no information available from the internet but the history will be presented to bring life to their story and demise of the company. The radios of Eldico and RELiant will be available for viewing during and after the presentation.