News and Updates

July 07 2019 – Announcing Contest College and DX/ARRL Banquet.  SLSRC is proud to announce over 10 hours of contesting forums starting at 1 p.m. on January 25th during Winterfest.  The Friday night before Winterfest, January 24th, SLSRC will be hosting a DX and ARRL banquet.  Scheduled to present is Craig Thompson (K9CT) on the recent Pitcairn DXPedition and Howard Michel, ARRL CEO (WB2ITX) on the ARRL.

March 02 2019 – SLSRC is proud to announce Winterfest 2020 has been selected for the ARRL Midwest Convention.  Check back to the Winterfest site for more updates about forums, events and activities associated with the convention.

Feb 22 2019 – Winterfest 2020 will have extended hours into the late afternoon.  Doors open at 8am, but the planning committee has decided to extend the hours of Winterfest 2020 to 4pm.  Check back for more updates about Winterfest 2020.