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VE Testing

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Amateur Radio Testing

Testing is provided by the Cliff Cave testing team.

Doors open at 8am

Testing starts at 8:30am

Fee : $15.00


  • FRN# (if you have one)
  • Copy of your existing license
  • 2 forms of ID (One must be a government ID with photo)
Wednesday, 28 January 2015 00:00


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Winterfest 2018 - Forums and Speakers:


Title: "DC Power Technologies, Distribution, Batteries, and Solar"
Presenter: Mark Siegesmund W9WMR, West Mountain Radio

This presentation covers the special considerations involved with low voltage, high current DC
power as used in Amateur Radio.   Cable loss and connector suitability are discussed.

An overview of the state of battery technology will be presented with a comparison of the technologies as it applies to Amateur Radio.
Battery configurations, safety, and the use of solar power are all included in this session.


Title:  "Getting On The Air"

Presenter:  Emmett Hohensee WØQH, RadioWavz

Emmett will present on antenna concepts and design along with a lengthy crowd participation Q&A about:

  • Which antennas to use and when
  • How to get the most out of your antennas
  • Whatever antenna questions you might have.

Come and join in on the fun to learn a little bit more about amateur radio antennas.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015 00:00

QSL Card Checking

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QSL Card Checking

A new feature of Winterfest is on-site DXCC/WAS/VUCC QSL Card Checking by ARRL appointed card checkers (See Mississippi Valley DX / Contest Club table). If you are submitting QSL cards for awards, please review the rules on the specific award application you are applying for before seeing the card checker.  

Note: The applicant is responsible for completing an application on the ARRL website, prepaying on the website, then bringing a copy of the application, QSL cards and a prepaid envelope addressed to ARRL to the card checker.  If you have questions, please review the FAQ available on the ARRL Website.

ARRL- Links

General ARRL Awards -

DXCC (DX Century Club)-

WAS (Worked All States)-

VUCC ( VHF/UHV Century Club)  -


Please check back for updates to our schedule.